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SWOT! What Are Your Company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?

[ad_1] Is your organization equipped with a SWOT analysis? If not, perhaps it is because you have never heard of it! A SWOT analysis is a basic technique that is often used in strategic planning, improving company success, organizational development and identifying competitive advantage. Evaluating these four factors will help you make better decisions and […]

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Do You Want to Outsource Your Auto Detailing?

[ad_1] All organizations must evaluate their core competencies. As an Auto Dealership, selling, servicing, and repairing cars are definitely at your core.  What about washing and detailing cars? Conversations with General Managers, Sales Managers, and Service Managers indicate that managing the detail department is frustrating: Fixed cost for a variable service High turnover, less professional worker […]

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