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Setting Up Your Own EMR through Google Health



Today a lot of doctors and patients are seen to be more optimistic to electronic medical records. Well, the reason is pretty much obvious. It is hundred percent true that this medical advancement is delivering a lot of advantages to both doctors and patients alike. This makes way to a safer, more convenient, and more efficient way of keeping updates in regards to one’s health. However, not all medical institutions and physicians nowadays utilize this digitalization of the medical records. This is due to the fact that not all of them can have the resources to make this possible. But there should be nothing to worry about in obtaining one. Even an average person can setup his very own system. In fact, here are some useful steps on how you can create electronic medical records using Google Health: 1. Sign up for Google Health. This is the first thing you need to do to start your own digital medical records. Via your Google account, log in to Google Health. However, if you don’t have any account, you will need to sign up first. After creating an account or signing up, you can already precede logging in to Google Health. 2. Import your records. You can do the input your health records to this account by clicking in the Import Records button. By doing this, all of the medical records of your choice will be uploaded in this system. 3. Add your medical providers. Generally, the list of different medical providers will appear here. You can scroll down and add up all the ones that you worked with in this digital record of yours. 4. Add the required medical information. Right in your profile, it is also a must to fill out all those asked information. This includes data such as your weight, height, medical conditions, immunizations, tests, and the like. This is necessary to complete the process. 5. Do the update. Updating your account regularly will help your medical records to be more efficient. So once there are updates in terms of your medical status, input it here immediately. This will assure you that whatever information the electronic medical records display is reliable enough. Moreover, these digital records provided by Google Health are also found more to be beneficial to patients who undergo care from multiple physicians and have long health history. This service impressively helps physicians to provide you the most effective and safest care. Therefore, it is indeed a good idea to open accounts such as this. However, as a piece of advice, it is necessary that you make your medical provider updated by this EMR system that you are keeping. This will make your records to become more effective. Still, if you wish to have the most convenient medical record keeping, you can also make use of some Medical Billing Software. With the combination of usage of these two applications, there surely is nothing more you will wish to have for tracking down your health.


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